Book of the month

This months Book of the Month is Pastor Peter Kurowski’s The Everlasting Angel and Mountain of Fire. In the book, theology concerning the Angel of the Lord is explored in detail in an entertaining and eye-opening way. The story Begins on Mt. Moriah, with Abraham about Sacrifice his son, Isaac, and slowly throughout the book the “Everlasting Angel” is revealed to be none other than the Pre-incarnate Christ!

We have Copies of this Book available and we are giving them as a thankyou to anyone who donates Fifty Dollars or more to help us on Radical Grace continue to spead the word of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you’d like to make a donation, call us at 321-984-8987 or write us at Risen Savior Lutheran Church, 2220 Port Malabar Blvd, NE, Palm Bay, Florida, 32905.

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