The Miracle of Suffering

Episode 50: “But first, I need to get right with God”…

I remember a while back, there was a man who lived in the apartment complex across the parking lot from me. He was once a Roman Catholic, long since “backslidden”, so to speak, not a practicing Catholic at all. I tried several times to get him to come to church, to bring his family. But every time he’d say, “No. First I gotta get right with God”.

Now what do you say to that? I have to admit, I didn’t know what to say to him. Even though I knew enough about the Bible back then to understand what Jesus had done for me, and I could speak plainly about all of things that had happened in my life and I could give a pretty good testimony, none of that could address what his problem was. He knew well what was wrong, that he was sinful, that he needed a savior, but he couldn’t get over this idea that he needed to get right with God before he could start going back to church.

Is he wrong?

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