Eternal Life and Damnation

Episode 65: Brother Mort and the Mercy of God

On this edition of Radical Grace we talk about the interview with Pastor Seth Florentino who, along with his District President and Synodical President, could face time in a Philippino prison for defying an order by a Methodist Judge to give Holy Communion to a rival group of Lutherans. Does all of that sound crazy? Well, it is a bit crazy, and you can hear more about it by listening to the interview.

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Before the show began Mort and absentee host Troy Curtis got into a discussion about Revelation chapter 20. The way he reads it, when people are thrown into the lake of fire they are instantly snuffed out and there is no eternal punishment. As the host of the show who is always on the lookout for the “live issues” of Christianity, I couldn’t resist making this the topic of the show. Does brother Mort believe in Annihilationism ? And can we set him straight? Can he be transformed by the renewing of his mind? If you haven’t listened an episode of Radical Grace yet, now is the time to start.

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