Not going well…

I guess it depends on who you are. Really. I mean, if you’re the kind of person who likes to see debate shut out, and narrow margin adoption of resolutions, and people tearing their hair out, then I guess this Convention is for you.

See, during the convention, we have a standing rule that states that, when there is a “con” statement made during a debate, then it MUST be followed by a “Pro” statement. So the chair gets to spend several minutes skipping over people who are waiting to speak their minds to a specific resolution in search of a pro or con statement, till a time limit is up where the chair gets to call the question on the resolution. Then the chair asks a bunch of disgruntled people (namely us delegates) to decided to end the debate and vote, which everyone does for whatever reason… then the resolution passes by a narrow margin (somewhere in the range of 51 percent to 49 percent)…

So are things going well here today? No. People are getting frustrated. Oh yeah. I am, the people next to me are getting frustrated… It’s getting old quick.

But tomorrow is the synodical presidential election. Perhaps this will be the bright spot.

This delegate, however, is beginning to realize we’ve been talking to the wrong group. We thought that Evangelicals needed help finding the way forward… it turns out it’s our own synod that needs help in knowing which way is forward.

Matthew Pancake
Article by Matthew Pancake