Finding a Christian Church

Amid the noise and haste

In this first part of a two part discussion on what is a church, Pastor Gary and I start with a problem that we discussed last week about people not knowing what church is, or even if it’s Christian or not. It’s interesting that people would equate the word “church” with anything other than Christian, and it’s even more interesting that people, rather than actually find out or ask what church is, make up a definition on the fly. But what if one day you suddenly find that you need a church? How would you recognize a church? Is it where they sing songs? And listen to a guy “preach” about living a so called Christian life by giving you pointers about morals and such?
What if it’s not about that at all? What about a place where God has promised to be for you?

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Also, we discovered something interesting about people these days. The word “church” does not, in people’s minds, automatically mean it’s about Christian anything. In the minds of many people, Church could be Muslim or Christian, or any given sect of any religion. Strange, of course, since the word used to be exclusively Christian.


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