Jesus Hates Figs and Jedi Mind Melds

On the way back to Jerusalem after the triumphal Entry, Jesus encounters a fig tree that has no fruit on it, and he promptly curses it. Therefore, Jesus must hate fig trees. No wait, Jesus is teaching you how to curse fig trees, yeah that’s it. No, wait, Jesus is teaching you about having faith and speaking to fig trees and mountains so you can overcome these obstacles.

There has been so much bad teaching on this one incident that whole versions of Christianity have grown up around the strange interpretations of this incident. But what if, just what if… Jesus was talking about cursing Israel? What if Jesus had gone to the tree that is Israel, found no fruit on it, and per the covenant made with Israel Jesus calls down the condemnation upon the nation for neglecting the message they were to spread?

And what if, just what if… Jesus were to do that to YOUR church? What if the reason the church at large is shrinking is due to Jesus condemnation?


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