Saving the Church from Gay Weddings

On Today’s Show, Modern Lutheran Pietism, Saving Churches from Gay Weddings, Everyone at the Vatican is drunk, and it’s Okay to be a depressed Christian. 

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The Christian News Roll:

1. Fox’s “Son of God” debuted in second place this weekend behind The Liam Neeson movie “non-stop” with $26.5 million domestically. Both movies unseated the top movie from the last three weeks “the Lego movie”, which had a strong showing nonetheless in third place at $21 million. 

2. Pastor Perry Noble of NewSpring Church caused a bit of stir this week by admitting that he takes anti-depressants. Noble revealed Monday that he’s been taking the anti-depressants since 2012 after years of suffering with Anxiety and suicidal thoughts. In a blog past titled “Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?” he also revealed that he once would have counciled his congregation that “people with ‘weak faith’ are the ones who needed such meds, that godly people did not struggle with feelings of anxiety and depression”, but he now no longer believes that. A book written by Noble titled “Overwhelmed” is due to be released April 1st (here’s hoping this isn’t a sick April fool’s joke.)

3. A powerful Syrian jihadist group with links to al-Qaeda has forced Christian leaders in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa to sign a contract of submission and enter into the medieval Islamic term as “dhimmis” in exchange for their protection. According to an Article in the Christian Post, a group calling themselves “Islamic State in Iraq and Levant” posted the agreement on their twitter account, and the terms are that the Christians in Raqqa can convert to Islam, remain Christian and submit to Sharia law, or face death. Raqqa is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world and Christians there have been suffering for years during the civil war.  

4. Last Week Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have given Arizona Christian business owner the right to argue religious liberty in discrimination cases. The bill, that was believed to be bad law and was said have given business owners the right to ban gays from their businesses, came to be panned by both Liberals and Conservatives. The bill was in response to recent lawsuits against a Christian photographer and a Baker who refused to sell their services for gay weddings.

5. Vatican City consumes more wine per capita than any other country!! That according a report in Religion News. The Wine Institue of California’s Latest statistics say that the Vatican consumed 74 liters of wine per person, Double the per capita consumption of Italy. Luxembourg is second on the list with 56 liters. Although this is entertaining, it’s been pointed out that it’s not only that the wine is used cerimonially, but with small group sizes against larger groups it’s easy for per capita figures to become distorted. The way that happens in this case is there is a single supermarket that supplies all of the wine to the 800 person community of the Vatican and sells it to them tax free.  

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Millionaire Gay Couple Sues to Force Church Wedding


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