Feeding Your Congregation to the Lions

In this episode of the RGR, Perry Noble’s church gets overwhelmed, Jars of Clay gets smashed, Southern Baptists have an Irony deficiency, Heaven is for real because the movie says so, and Mufasa visits the church on Easter, but they wont let him in.

This, Lutheranism for the rest of us, and getting excited about Baseball?


South Carolina megachurch pastor Perry Noble believes his upcoming set of sermons titled “Overwhelmed” will be his best series

The Islamist group “Boka Haram” is still holding as many as 187 school girls from the Christian village of Chibok in Nigeria.

Jars of Clay frontman Dan Haseltine has tweeted his support for Same Sex Marriage.

A panel discussing homosexuality at the Southern-Baptist affiliated Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission created a stir on social media

the movie “Heaven is for Real” clocked in at 22.5 million dollars in its opening week second only to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Discover Church in Burnsville, Minn was unable to have a 535-pound lion named Mufasa as part of a sermon illustration due to the lack of proper permits.

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