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The Original Lutheran Difference

The Original “Lutheran Difference” Podcast is being re-released for a limited time. The Lutheran Difference was the first podcast that came out of the plans that began in early spring of 2007 at Risen Savior Lutheran Church and School in Palm Bay, Florida. The focus of the show was much more Lutheran Centered, but equally as enjoyable as our other shows. One show per week will be added to the list to be enjoyed and shared like it was in the beginning.

Episode 2: The Devil and the Details.

Episode 3: Of Satan, Temptation and Ashes

Episode 4:Lies, Superstitions and What God has done

Episode 5: Radical Grace


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Future Programs

September 19th

The Ex-Christian: Broken by the Preacher

Bad preaching of the the Law and the missing Gospel.

September 26th

Tell me Sweet Little Lies

The little lies that teachers and preachers sneak into their curriculum.

That Woman Stole My Blessing!


In this edition of Radical Grace Radio we analyze an incident that occurred in Dearborne Mich, where a group of Christians were stoned by Muslims… or so the story goes. But more importantly we examine a situation where a Synagogue leader named Jairus has a problem: His daughter is dying and Jesus is standing around listening to a long drawn out story about blood and doctors.


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About Us

The Lutheran Difference was an effort by the congregation of Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Palm Bay Florida and it’s pastor, Gary Held, to better minister to members of the community around them. Founded on the idea of “the Lutheran Church makes a Christian Difference”, the podcast “The Lutheran Difference” became the centerpiece where the participants could get together to talk about issues that are most important to Christians as whole today.

In October of 2007, the podcast became a radio show on AM920 WMEL, and was renamed “Radical Grace”. The show still continues to this day.

On April 27th, 2008 the show had it’s first broadcast on WWBC, AM1510 out of Cocoa, Florida. Currently Radical Grace can be heard in much of the state on WMIE, 91.5FM.
Knowing that Mainstream Evangelicalism has moved from the core teachings of the Christian faith, our program strives to expose the world again to the reformation and begin a new reformation in and around the area, as well as the world ,by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and him crucified for sinners.

The Cast
Pastor Gary Held came to Risen Savior in May of 2004. He previously served for four years as pastor in southern Indiana. He is a 2000 graduate of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. Pastor Held entered the ministry after an earlier career as a software engineer.
Pastor Greg LeSieur is pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Cape Canaveral. When he’s not ministering in his congregation or speaking his mind to Christian issues on the radio, he enjoys spending time with his family and sailing.

Matthew Pancake came to Florida in 1997. He is the grandson of Rev. Clell Pancake and brother of Rev. Jamie Pancake. Originally a Baptist, Matthew made his way from there to a brief stint as an atheist/agnostic, then returned to modern evangelicalism and Pentacostalism. After discovering the Reformation, he met Pastor Held in late 2004, and finally visited Risen Savior Lutheran Church in August of 2005. He serves as Host and producer of the show.