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The Afterbirth of End Times Porn

Since in recent weeks people have been sharing a lot of satirical blog post as if they’re true, we today offer up the first official act of “The Ministry for Silly Thoughts”. Just as we promised in the last episode, this week’s News Roll includes one story that’s totally made up, and it’s up to you, the listener, to figure out which one.  It should be good practice for when we’re confronted with fake news stories in the future.

Also, Pastor thought it would good to decompile the Left Behind mythology, not because no one else has done it yet, but because it’s gotten so ridiculous that it deserves to be enshrined in the “Hall of Eternal Ridicule”.  That’s where Silly Thoughts go to be punished for all eternity.

When Superstitions Kill

Everyone should know by now that the reason the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa goes seemingly unchecked is due to the superstitions and conspiracy theories in the general populace.  But the fact is, there is one conspiracy going on.  But it’s not any government organization, or big company.  Rather, it’s everyday people striving to make things worse. for the sole purpose that it’s funny.  Like poking a cage animal with a stick.  It’s horrible.

So, in light of our tendency to do these things, what do you with with Jesus’ promise that “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”?

Remember the Sabbath

Liberal Baptist Pastors Dine with Obama, Sudanese arresting and re-arresting Christians, ISIS on the Loose and Angry in Mosul, while Christians want Christian moms to know it’s Okay to wear a Swimsuit this summer.   Later, Pastor Gary talks about the Commandment to remember the Sabbath, and why that doesn’t mean “don’t do any work”.


Southern Baptist Pastor to visit White House for LGBT month celebration

Supreme Court strikes down Abortion Clinic Law

Christian Radio DJ arrested and fired for Child Sex Abuse

Ibrahim Ishag set free, then re-arrested by Sudanese Government

Christian Father in Mosul, Iraq kills self when Muslims rape wife and daughter

Stepping on the Elephant in the Room

Less than a third of Americans believe the Bible, Boko Haram still going strong, A baker stops baking Wedding cakes, and the Pope says stop having Cats and Dogs and have kids.  All that, Pentecost, and the commandment to honor your Father and Mother on this episode of Radical Grace Radio


Gallup Poll says that less than a third of Americans believe the Bible is the actual word of God.

Boko Haram kills 29 more Christians, burns churches

Colorado Baker accused of Discrimination stops making wedding cakes

Navy rejects application for first humanist chaplain

The Pope has told Catholic Couples not to substitute Dogs and Cats for Children

Waiting for Persecution, or Something Like It

China Churches are getting torn down and Crosses removed, Richard Dawkins sneaking into church services? Pro-marriage group being forced to disclose their donor’s names, The Boy Scouts are down but not out, and Sudan is counting down to hanging a Christian woman for being Christian.   All this and Christian fruits and a forest that needs to be cut down, this week on RGR.


Dawkins Going to Church?

Chinese Christians being persecuted

Boy Scouts of America enrollment down six percent

National Organization for Marriage violated campaign finance laws

Clock is Ticking on Sudanese Christian Woman set to die by hanging for apostacy