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“Western Education is Sin”, Said the Guy Using Western Eduation to Attack Western Education.

Boka Haram, it turns out, mean “Western Education is Sin”.  So, why is Baka Haram using Western Education in their Terrorist Activities?  Also, Flip it Forward gets flipped out the door, Heaven is more real than Son of God, the Supreme Courts says it’s okay to pray, and a gay divorcee is glad gays are just like other divorcees.  Seriously, he is.  That and it’s Good Shepherd Sunday.


“Flip It Forward” is gone after Home and Garden network get’s cold feet

“Heaven is for Real” has beaten “Son of God” in Box office returns

Supreme Court says prayer in town meetings is constitutional

Bishop Gene Robinson Divorces his husband

Boka Haram alleged to have abducted more girls in Nigeria

This Is Your Mediocre Christian Life!

Becoming a better Jesus?.

People are so worried that their Christian life is Mediocre that they’ll do anything to improve it.  So Christian Self Help books are all the rage, iPods and iPhones are filled to the last bit of ram with Sermons and teaching Mp3s, and everyone goes here and there searching for that magic ingredient that will make the Christian life really take off.

What if it’s more simple than that?  What if it’s as simple as joining a local Congregation?  Where else are you going to find the Christ if not with his people?  And finding him, don’t you then believe that your Christian life will improve?  I’m not going to say this edition of Radical Grace radio will change your life, because we’re not really trying to change your life.  We’re merely pointing out the obvious here.


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