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On a Wing and a Prayer Rug

On Today’s edition of Radical Grace Radio, Christian dropouts are returning, Suntrust delists the Benham Brother, Trail Life is rising, a Mega Church Pastor admits to lying about Abuse, and a Sudanese Christian is to be put to death for Apostasy.

Also, I got another Jesus Prayer Rug in the Mail.  It’s a “Holy Spirit Letter”, it says.  Find out more inside.


Christian Teens who have dropped out may actually be returning to the fold

Suntrust Banks Delisted the Benham Brothers as Real Estate Brokers.  

Trail Life troop charters up since BOA decision

Megachurch Pastor admits to covering up child abuse allegations in court

Sudanese Christian woman, Pregnant, sentenced to Death for Apostasy from Islam

Episode 87: Sowing Hatred by Teaching Doctrine?

Does teaching right doctrine cause hatred?

In this edition of Radical Grace we take time to clarify the historic position that Lutherans have confessed concerning who or what the Anti Christ is. We talk about what our confessions say, and about how this same spirit of Anti Christ exists not just in Rome in the form of the Holy See, but also in Evangelicalism, obscuring the Gospel just as much as Rome does.

Also, a caller challenges us on this, stating that we shouldn’t be sowing hatred in a time where religious hatred is rampant in the world.

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