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Remember the Sabbath

Liberal Baptist Pastors Dine with Obama, Sudanese arresting and re-arresting Christians, ISIS on the Loose and Angry in Mosul, while Christians want Christian moms to know it’s Okay to wear a Swimsuit this summer.   Later, Pastor Gary talks about the Commandment to remember the Sabbath, and why that doesn’t mean “don’t do any work”.


Southern Baptist Pastor to visit White House for LGBT month celebration

Supreme Court strikes down Abortion Clinic Law

Christian Radio DJ arrested and fired for Child Sex Abuse

Ibrahim Ishag set free, then re-arrested by Sudanese Government

Christian Father in Mosul, Iraq kills self when Muslims rape wife and daughter

Have you Hugged your Don Today?

Religion is not good for job seekers, Death Metal band splatters real blood and gets away with it, Christians Fleeing Mosul, the Pope Excommunicates the Mafia, and the Presby’s get silly.  Later Pastor Gary takes us on a tour of God’s commandment to “Not use the name of the Lord, your God, in vain”.  What does that mean, really? 

Job Seekers should think twice about Revealing Religion on Resume

Metal Band Watain splattered pig blood on their audience

Tim Lambesis of As I lay Dying says he and bandmates are Atheists

Christians Flee Mosul as ISIS advances in Iraq

Presbyterians Vote YES to Gay Marriage 

Pope Excommunicates the Mafia in Calabria 

Coming soon. RGR Guide to the Commandments.