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ELCA decides: Abandon God’s Word

The ELCA turns it back on God

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the most liberal Lutheran Church Body in the United States, has voted to abandon the Word of God and support both Same Sex Marriage and Rostered Gay Clergy. In this edition of Radical Grace Race, we talk about the ramifications of this move, about how the media has portrayed Lutherans during this point in history, and how an incident with a Tornado that struck the Convention Center where the ELCA were meeting to discuss these issues may have been a sign from God…

There is a definite sense of pain and anguish over watching this happen. How can we even begin to understand what has happened?

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You’ve heard it said…

Magical Spiritual Poofle Dust

In this edition of Radical Grace Radio, Pastor Gary Held talks about how the idea of Christians being at war is misused by some Christians, for instance, how the idea of us being Christian Soldiers fighting against the culture is bolstered by the misapplication of certain Scripture.

We also begin what we hope will be a weekly segment, “You have heard it said”, where we take some statements of popular teaching of Christian Teachers today, and do what Jesus did with them on the sermon on the mount. This week it’s Pastor Michael Youssef and what he believes is the Gospel, and how “if you believe with all your heart, God can do great things”.

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Episode 89: Listener Emails and Seminary Experiences

Is Jesus merely a condiment on the burger of world religion?

In this Edition of Radical Grace Radio we go over some listener emails, and Pastor Greg LeSeiur Tells about his days at ELCA Seminary in Gettysburg… Where apparently he learned the Jesus is reduced to being a condiment on the burger of World Religion. Apparently other religions are just fine, but they are better if you add Jesus… We know, it’s bad.
Larry in KY Writes

Something Matt mentioned in the last was the first time Iâd heard
someone else really articulate it, someone whoâd been there once and
that is the spirit of antichrist wafting in the protestant church. I
use to tell my wife back during my struggles with âwas Christ really
for meâ, that dark, dark, dark time, âI believe more deception and
covering up of Christ occurs not so much overtly but under the guise of
âniceâ and smiles and from well meaning fellows and pastors. Not the
kind of guys youâd label, âthatâs my enemyâ.â Iâve told her, ââI think
weâve been tainted by dispensationalism and Hollywoodâwe think
antichrist and Pharisees are these âdark smoking back room hand
wringing plottersâ, or the church Lady on SNL a few years back.

Iâm beginning to think thatâs a fake or rouse to keep us from looking
at the real antichristic spirit of our age, even in the protestant
church. For the real Christ and him crucified cover uppersare not at all like that. In a sense that would be obvious and EASY
to avoidâlike a thief coming at you a mile away with his gun drawn. No
now days itâs sold to you under nice things and generally morals we all
want. Christ is covered up more there than anywhere so that either you
end up overly proud of yourself that you are doing it OR you end up in
despair thinking, âIâm lost for sureâ.â If youâve been in that you
know what that is like and its hard to uncover. In a sense a Hollywood
Pharisee would be refreshingly easy to refute!

You all have done a WONDERFUL job of reorienting what antichrist and
all involved is. It donned on me the other day listening that it makes
sense â the deception even of dispensationalism. If the devil can get
the church laity to be looking for the boogy man in some political
figure, he can then sneak in under the radar under morals and things
whether from Rome or within the protestant church itself in general and
REALLY cover up Christ. Because we can unite with Rome around a moral
issue but at the price of the Gospel itself.

Great, great, great work brothersâkeep it up you have no idea how much you feed us!


Josh writes…

I heard the “water valve” illustration and find it to be compelling.
However, I feel that illustration still places a burden on the PERSON
and not on GOD because the person can close the valve. In working with
this illustration, we all close the valve all the time. So, how does
the valve stay open for some even when they try to close it and for
some it closes. If election is truly based solely on God, then he must
choose whose valve opens and whose valve closes at the end of their
life. I don’t see how you can get around the fact that God elects for
salvation and selects some for condemnation. If condemnation is based
on something in us denying God’s offer of salvation then, by default,
salvation is also based on the lack of that same thing IN US. I don’t
believe you can have election for salvation from God without selection for condemnation by God as well.


Jason writes…

I am listening to the program on “The United States of the Beast”.
Didn’t Luther, Calvin, and all the Reformers point to the dynasty of
the Popes as the beast of Revelation? It seems to fit to me. Maybe I
am getting ahead of myself because I didn’t get to the end yet. Some
Lutherans sound really anti-Calvinist. Am I damned for being
Calvinist? If so let me know why before it’s too late. I love
Lutherans no matter what they say. Martin Luther rocks. In Christ,
(unless Calvinists are damned)


Just heard the end. I agree with Luther. Luther rocks!

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Episode 82: Rick Warren’s Folly

Putting God in a Box

On the one hand people want us to stop putting God in a Box, but on the other hand they put God in a box by trying to hold some doctrine over God’s head as though God can be held accountable to a doctrine. Also Rick Warren and his own words about hos Jesus makes up the difference between my good works and the perfection I need to stand before God’s judgment.

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Advent, and the Spirit of Diotrophes

Episode 66: Comfort Comfort Ye my People

On this edition of Radical Grace, we start off by talking about the Advent hymn, Comfort Comfort ye my people, which is the opening theme music for our show.

Comfort, comfort ye My people,
Speak ye peace, thus saith our God;
Comfort those who sit in darkness,
Mourning ’neath their sorrow’s load;
Speak ye to Jerusalem
Of the peace that waits for them;
Tell her that her sins I cover,
And her warfare now is over.

For the herald’s voice is crying
In the desert far and near,
Bidding all men to repentance,
Since the kingdom now is here.
O that warning cry obey!
Now prepare for God a way!
Let the valleys rise to meet Him,
And the hills bow down to greet Him.

Yea, her sins our God will pardon,
Blotting out each dark misdeed;
All that well deserved His anger
He will no more see nor heed.
She has suffered many a day,
Now her griefs have passed away,
God will change her pining sadness
Into ever springing gladness.

Make ye straight what long was crooked,
Make the rougher places plain:
Let your hearts be true and humble,
As befits His holy reign,
For the glory of the Lord
Now o’er the earth is shed abroad,
And all flesh shall see the token
That His Word is never broken.

We also talk about an old concept, the Spirit of Diotrophes, presumably a spirit that causes an individual to divide over doctrine and to put people out of the church.

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Today on Radical Grace, Uwe Siemon-Netto

On Today’s Show, Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto joins us to talk about Race and Segregation, The vocation of Jounalist, and the state of education. If you’d like to listen, tune in at 2pm Eastern Standard Time (1pm in Nebraska) by clicking >>here<<, and the audio will begin playing. If you’d like to give us a call from anywhere in Brevard County Florida, call 1-321-632-1510, or if you are out of the area call 1-800-648-1437.

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The following song was actually written in 1989. I wrote it after a number of my family had passed away, and after a period of time where I was not sure about this world I was living in. I had read the Poem “Crossing the bar”, liked it well enough, so I wrote a tune to go with the poem. But after I was done, I felt like there was something missing…

Fast forward to 2003, I purchased a program called “mixcraft”, and realizing that is was extremely powerful I began working on a number of my old songs I’d written during that period. When I came to “Crossing the Bar” again, I wrote a second verse to the song, one that finally filled in the missing piece.

Here are the Lyrics…

Sunset and an evening star, and one clear call for me!And may there be no moaning of the bar, when I put out to sea,
For such a tide as moving seems asleep, too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell and after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell when I embark;

For tho’ from out our bourne of time and place the flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar.

Sunrise and the morning star, and I have heard the call!
And now I go to lay me down to rest in he who paid it all
For such a time I hear the voice of God and all that he’s declared
The finest news to those in chains and hardened hearts impaired

Twilight and morning breeze, O what a wonderous sight!
The Son of Man, the Lamb of God: My only light

For tho’ from out our bourne of time and place the flood may bear me far,
I KNOW I’ll see my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar.