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Radical Grace Radio hosts Pastor Gary Held and Matthew Pancake bring you a weekly show presenting the Good News about Jesus Christ, and offering a different perspective on what it means to live by faith.

Christians need to be reminded more than ever that God’s grace is at work today, renewing minds and setting people free. With the current religious landscape filled with fog and distractions, Radical Grace aims to bring clarity and teach gospel truths allowing God’s people to find rest.

Meet Our Hosts

Host and Teacher

Pastor Gary Held

Meet Our Hosts

Host and Producer

Matthew Pancake

Sponsor: Risen Savior Lutheran Church


Radical Grace is brought to you in part by Risen Savior Lutheran Church, Palm Bay, FL. We gather in the name and the remembrance of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, to celebrate his victory over death and participate in the new life that is our’s to experience being part of Christ’s kingdom.

If you would like to learn more about Risen Savior, or if you’re planning to visit Florida’s Space coast or the greater Orlando area, visit the church’s website at rslcms.org.

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